Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may run into some instances on our website where you may have a number of questions. In order to save you time, we will list the most frequently asked questions with their answers on this page. If you still have not found what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, the Identity service is offered at no cost to users. We do not charge any fees in making use of our public verification service.

No, we do not provide users with access to personal identifiable information. We also do not keep a database consisting of personal identifiable information, such as address or contact information.

Firstly, our system makes use of a number of sources in verifying an identity number against the actual names and surname linked to the identity number. Secondly, we also make use of an algorithm, used by the Department of Home Affairs in issuing identity numbers, in verifying the validity of an identity number. If all information provided by a user is correct according to our system, sources and algorithm, the identity number will be verified. We also check identity information against our own records collected and verified since 1998.

Yes, there may be instances where we have not yet received a request to verify an identity number and may not have any information on the identity number. Registered users and clients of the Identity Verification Network may request an official request for verification of such identity numbers.

There may also be instances where a person have undergone a surname change due to marriage, divorce or official surname change with the Department of Home Affairs. We may not have have received any requests to re-verify the identity of these individuals and may therefore not be in a position to verify the identity based on the new information. Always attempt to conduct searches on both new or old information.

Like explained above, there may be instances when we are not in a position to verify an identity number. If you do get an error, always ensure that the identity number, the surname and exact full names are entered correctly. If you still get an error, attempt to conduct your search with a maiden name, a previous surname or names. You will also be offered with guidelines you can follow when an identity number does not validate

No, we do not impose any search limits. However, we do have security software in place monitoring site usage. If we do suspect misuse or data mining practices we will immediately launch an investigation and may report any such misuse, for purposes of prosecution, to authorities.

All information supplied on our 'Fun Facts' section is based on information we have worked on and verified. This information is not 100% accurate and there may be discrepancies with actual figures, to which we unfortunately have no access. This information should be used for entertainment purposes only.