About Us

A New Consumer Initiative

IdentityNumber.org is an online initiative offering consumers access to free online identity verification services. Our initiative is aimed at providing consumers access to a useful service for the purposes of fraud identification and prevention. Be sure you know the identity of the person you are dealing with and protect yourself against falling prey to unscrupulous individuals.

Who We Are

Identity Number.org is part of the Identity Verification Network, a network aimed at providing users access to a real-time service in identity verification. We provide a platform where users can make use of our services in order to prevent fraud or for investigation or verification purposes.

Established in 2013, Identity Number.org released a free public service where users can verify the validity of South African identity numbers. Our new service do not provide users with access to personal identifiable information, but will verify the validity of an identity number based on the provided name, surname and algorithm used by the Department of Home Affairs in issuing identity numbers.

We believe that IdentityNumber.org is an important tool for all consumers in South Africa, and abroad, in a society where innocent victims are constantly being targeted by criminals making use of stolen identities. Although this service will not eradicate identity theft, it may be useful in preventing it and minimizing losses arising from these type of offences.

Our History